Interactive Space

In our day to day life, we are exposed to different ways on how we receive messages, share to others and even share our opinion on the received messages. Our generation has witnessed means of communication developing right before our eyes.

Unlike before—where people write letters with pen on paper and send it via snail-mail, which took at least a week before the message reached the intended receiver—now our messages are sent to its intended receiver almost instantaneously at a click of the mouse.

The Internet has almost everything. You can watch television shows, movies, listen to radio stations from around the globe and read books, academic studies, news and current events.

The web has enabled us to connect with other people on a wider scale through on-line social networking, share ideas and opinions through blogs.It has even become a source of employment to some.

It is very interactive since anyone can give their feedback on any article on the web.

Information highway

The Internet is also our virtual reporter that aggregates reports on current events in the world. It can give us free relevant news from abroad like the “current issues of the people in Mumbai,” or local news like “how Mayor Vicente Emano handled the tropical typhoon Sendong (International codename: Washi).”

It can also be used as your virtual thesaurus, translator, dictionary and encyclopedia. One time, I encountered an unfamiliar word while I was reading a novel. I just typed the word into and voilà, I can access anything I need to know about the word. Like, how to use it in a sentence and even how to enunciate it.

The web is also a great source of “how-to” tips, like how to write a research paper, solving mathematical equations and all you have to do is surf the vast ocean of the Internet and the answer would most probably be there.

Connecting to the world

Internet has revolutionized how we connect with other people. Connecting through on-line social networks are just a click away these days. Social networking sites can be used to describe community-based web sites, on-line discussion forums, chat rooms and other social spaces on the world wide web.

“A social networking site is the phrase used to describe any web site that enables users to create public profiles within that site and form relationships with other users of the same site who access their profile,” defines Webopedia (

In the Philippines, believably the most popular free social networking site to date is “Facebook” ( According to a web site that monitors on-line social networks, “Social Bakers,” there are some 30,178,020 Facebook users in the country. That is almost a-third of our population of 90 million.

In it, we can discuss in groups, play games, upload pictures, audio and video clips. We can also give notice to our friends about important personal events like birthdays. We can also create a page where we are the message sender, comment on other people’s status messages and through these exchanges we complete cycles of communication.

Hub for multimedia creativity

If you are an independent filmmaker, the Internet is a good place for you to be known. There is a web site called “You Tube” ( where you can upload your videos and show it to other people. Some of those people may like your work but the others will only criticize it. Maybe a film producer will see your work and would be up to fund you in making a big production of your film. Some will just criticize your video but don’t fret, it is part of the process of one’s skill to progress for the better. What’s the point of making a film if you do not welcome feedbacks from other people, be it positive or negative feedbacks?

As an avid fan of movies, in the Internet you can watch movies from the past decades up to the current films today. In it, you can even express what you feel about that particular movie. You can watch it live streaming or just download the movie into your hard drive and watch it all over again that is, if you are worried about your Internet connection to be gone.

Not only movies are found in the Internet but also music. Any song that you like are all in the Internet. It stretches from classical music, folk, blues, jazz, rock, metal, up to the current popular music of today. You can freely download any song that you like, If you are a musician. you can upload your masterpiece into the cyberspace and make a name for yourself. With the Internet, you can either be a listener of music or a musician.

If you are a budding writer, you are always welcomed in the world of blogging. In blogging, it does not really matter if what you write is good , even if it is bad, it will still be published in the cyberspace. The power of blogging is you can write about whatever it is you want and if you go and make blogging as a profession, you can earn from it.

Internet gaming is booming in the cyberspace. There are interactive games in the Internet like “Sims City” ( where you are going to manipulate a digitally formed human into living an ordinary life. On-line games which people, mostly teenagers are hooked up. Since, in it, they can make friends without seeing what they look like and not even knowing their name. In these games, people can socialize and enjoy sharing digital moments with their characters in the game. Warning: Internet gaming is purely addictive.

Last frontier of free expression

You can use any medium you want to use in the world wide web. It is the only space where we can freely express ourselves, which have been threatened into silence through censorship. Its reaches are global and it may offer to be the key to world peace and unity. The Internet gets the most audience share since it it purely interactive.

Let us, then, fight that it stays genuinely free. Let your voices be heard ( Let us keep the last virtual frontier of expression and critical discourse free!


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