Observer into Molder

What we talk about, what our definition of love is, what our description of beauty, why we sleep early, why we give to other people and why we do not, why we strive to live, why we go to school, why we all know these things is because of media. Media is the disseminator if information. It acts as a guideline for the public’s development. It holds much power that whatever it spits out, people will have to believe it.

Media is all around us. You do not even notice it affecting you. For instance, you woke up early and took a long jog in the sports center. While you were jogging, you saw a giant billboard where a certain fast food chain advertises its newest food in the menu. After the jog, you got hungry and then you remembered the billboard and went to that fast food establishment and ate.

When we see a person, how would we distinguish if that person is beautiful or not? It is because of media that modifies what beauty is in our eyes. When we watch films, movies or even advertisements of beautification soaps or creams, with it, we are manipulated by the media and dictates what is beauty for us and what is not.

The power of media is really bias on what it thinks is right. It molds the future of a society, that could either be good or bad.

As the fourth state, media designed to be a watchdog of the civil society, the market and the government. It keeps the three (3) states in check, from their activities and their motives. If the media keeps the other states in check, it is their readers, their listeners, their audience that keeps them in check.

There is a theory by Dr. Max McCombs and Dr. Donald Shaw called the Agenda-Setting theory in which according to them describes the “ability [of the news media] to influence the salience of topics on the public agenda.

The media have the power to manipulate the public. It can dictate the people in what to do, what to say and what to think. That is how powerful media is. If the media is being controlled, then whoever owns the media, controls the people.

In a society, the media shapes the people’s future into whatever it thinks is appropriate for the society’s well-being. It can either release news that would make the people lose hope or show a prosperous future up ahead for the people to continue the path of development designed by the media. By exposing the society with relevant information or what the people needed to know, for them to come up with intelligent decisions for their own self progression.

The media molds the future of a society by making him trustworthy for the people. A trusted media can easily control the people in a society. They can bend the information in any ways they want and still the people would believe it.

It shapes the future of a society by giving relevant information that would help the people in that society to progress for the better. For example, in a given society, where it lacks manpower, motivation or faith that everything will solve out. The media can intervene by telling inspirational stories about success of people who perseveres and believes via radio, television or by print. It would create hope in the people’s heart and they will do their best for their self development.

In this upcoming 2013 elections, the media will be used abusively by running politicians. It will be the public’s duty to chose who to vote. One thing’s for sure, whatever the outcome may be, it will either make or break the republic.


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