Listen and See

For me, television (TV) is more powerful mass medium than radio. Since, with you owning a TV, other than hearing the message which contains information, you can also perceive and experience it. The fact is, we, people, are visual learner and when we add it up with auditory inputs, we can understand well and permanently change our behavior. Using your sense of sight and hearing, your mind will be open into understanding the message well. Thus, learning will take place.

Here in my neighborhood, TV is more often used, either for entertainment or informative reasons. Since I live in a “developed” city, TV is more efficient and effective. Though it maybe expensive and not portable, in the exemptions of cellular phones with a TV, but with it, your mind will be open to information that would stimulate your understanding about life and influence you in what to do in a particular problem or situation that you are experiencing.

I think, with the effective use of TV, it can shape lives in my neighborhood for the progress of every individual. With the tight competition of TV networks, every hour of the day, information is available. Just like in TV programs, such as “teleseryes” or “telenovelas” that projects common situations of daily life which people can relate and would be influenced with the character on how one handles one’s problem. But it really depends on what they want to show for the masses to know. For if they own the information, they can bend it in any way they want.

Mostly, programs like “benti-kwatro oras” from Global Media Arts (GMA) Network or “TV Patrol” from Alto Broadcasting System- Chronicle Broadcasting Network (ABS-CBN) are watched by the people, contains important news of the day that they think people would want or need to know. Information in these programs develops the people’s awareness and would act appropriately in response to what they have learned. Still it depends in the time and the availability of the person.

With those news programs I mentioned above, my neighbors develop themselves, in terms of the level of their awareness about an issue or anything that they should know. Given the right information, they will learn and would arrive with intelligent decisions. When the public is well-informed, it would change the society for the better and our democracy here in the Philippines would be realized and appreciated. Ultimately, We should listen and see what’s going out there and act for what we think is right.



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